Don’t be Lazy

I think many of us who have a “disease” likes to procrastinate. This disease, which actually is a habit, often caused because we are lazy to do something. Feel like getting out of bed, lazy to go exercise, lazy office to complete the task, etc..

According to research, is a lazy habit of mental illness that occurs when we are afraid to face the consequences of the future. What is meant by this the future of not just one or two years, but one or two minutes from now. For instance when you wake up lazy of you will say to himself: “One minute I’ll wake up”, but in fact you will probably linger in bed until at last it came time to get ready to go to the office.

Lazy habit arises because we tend to associate the future with negative perceptions. You procrastinate because the job tend to imagine a stack of work to be done in the office. Not to mention touch with the people who you do not like, for example.

Unfortunately, putting off the job will eventually invite stress because one can not help when you have to do it. At the same time you also may have a lot of other jobs.

In some cases, you also may lose the moment to develop when you say “no” to a chance-you are lazy to act as a negative image about the things that burden the front.

In this article I want to give some tips to overcome laziness. These tips can you practice in the workplace or the family environment:

Replace “When Completion” with “I’m Starting Now”

If you are faced with a large task or project, you should NOT think about the complexity of the task and can imagine when completed. Instead, focus on positive thoughts by sharing a large task into parts that are smaller and solve them one by one.

Tell every time you work: “I’m starting now”.
This outlook will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, stress, and difficulties. You create a simple task in front of you with a positive action. You just focus on one thing at a time, not many things at the same time.

Replace “I must” with “I Want”

Thinking that you have to do things will automatically invite you feel overwhelmed and be reluctant to do it. You’ll find a thousand reasons to avoid the task.

One tip that you can use is to replace “I have to do it” with “I want to do it”. How to think like this will remove the mental blocks to accept that you do not have to do work that you do not want to.

You want to do chores because you want to do it, not because of coercion other parties. You always have a choice in this life. Of course, your choice should be made consciously and not harm others. The point is that no one else in this world that forces you to do anything that you do not want to do.

Your Not Perfect Man

Thinking that you must complete the work as perfect as possible will bring you in depressed mental state. As a result you may be lazy started. You should be able to accept that you can do wrong and not all have to be perfect.

In the context of work, you have the opportunity to make improvements over time. You can always negotiate with your boss to ask for additional time with good reason. Start work from the small and simple, then increase over time. Thinking that the work to be done perfectly will make you look at the work of this large and complex.

I hope this article useful. Laziness is something normal in your life. Because he’s normal so he can be overcome. The three tips above could be the beginning to think and act differently than usual, so you do not waste the opportunity that came only because I was lazy to do it.