How to Build Trust to Others

Before the Prophet Muhammad confirmed as an Apostle, he was very popular among the people of Mecca with the title al-Amin is a very trusted (trust / credibility). This title both before and after does not exist anymore.

It was a tremendous influence beliefs and extremely important for career success in the world and life in the hereafter, faces capital beyond property, position, position, or even science. When trust is lost in the hearts of others, it’s hard lo grow, despite the promise of immense wealth, or pay by as much as anything, if confidence in the hearts of people have lost the feelings that come up are always suspect and insecurity will always looming and imprint.

Here’s a bit of description, God willing, will grow and strengthen one’s faith.

A. Honesty is proven and tested

Honesty is the key behavior that is very effective for building trust (credibility), and if the opposite can destroy a person’s life.

Get used to always be honest starting from the simplest and most small ones, although for small children, for Allah assess our behavior, I assure you will never benefit at all with the dishonesty that plagued other than losses and destroyed, it was too much evidence around us to be lessons.

1. Never lie or be goaded into speech so that adds to lie even in jest though.

2. Do not ever easy to make an appointment, make sure all the spoken promises are carefully taken into account, and trying hard at to keep promises.

3. On time in all things, do not be late or likes to procrastinate.

4. Get used to having the data and facts clearly, and be open.

5. Have the ability and sincerity to evaluate themselves, and immediately correct the errors found himself once and take responsibility seriously and sincerely.

6. Do not become discouraged when we found the past or had a lot of dishonesty.

B. Skilled

The second component is not less important is the reliability and skill in performing their tasks. Although well known and proven honesty but if the task is often neglected, and mistakes do then this would be knocked out of credibility.

1. The main key is to realize that we must always learn, practice, develop skills, knowledge and our skills in a systematic and continuous, so always have sufficient readiness to execute the task.

2. Begin always with good planning and preparation, failed to plan together with the planned failure.

3. Do not forget to always check and recheck, we must not do anything without double-check, so many opportunities mistakes or failures that have been saved with an attitude that is always a re-checking.

4. Execute all things in all seriousness, being careful and thorough, do not underestimate the negligence and carelessness because all the nerds mistakes and failures.

5. Always take the time to evaluate each stage of whatever we do, believe me thoughtfully for a moment to evaluate our work will make the grade.

6. Enjoy the perfect what can be done, never satisfied with half measures, do not be too satisfied with 90%, if we can improve it, why not?

C. Innovative

Everything is always changing, in this world there is nothing that does not change anything, the only constant is change itself, so anyone who does not prepare yourself for a change then he would run over to lose by the changes.

So it is clear that the Prophet meant by the word of the day that the person is the same as yesterday was the day the losers because there is no progress and left behind by the changes, people who today is worse than yesterday is considered one of woe, because that would be left far Effort and hard to catch, the only choice for those who are fortunate today to be better than yesterday, adding that there should be something useful, this is the attitude of the expected changes are always happening in a Muslim, so it will not ever fall behind, he always anticipatory to change, and always ready to address the changes.

Here are some suggestions so that we can always develop our creative abilities:

1. Many read and write.

2. Much discussion and ask questions.

3. Many see (a comparative study).

4. much thought (meditation).

5. Many do and try.

6. Many worship and pray.

Hopefully us perseverance, keeping alive this career to be clean, open, honest reliable done sincerely for Allah’s sake. Good luck sisters, Allah is sufficient as the only goal, protector, and hopes one of our helpers all.

Wallahu a’lam bishshawab.