Love Itself

Love Itself

Love Itself – Love is a part of nature, people who lost love he is not normal, but many people also suffer because of love. Be grateful people who were given love and affection can respond appropriately.

Decorated for people are the desires of women, offspring, and of heaped up piles of gold and silver, of pedigree horses, cattle, and sown fields. These are the enjoyments of the worldly life, but with Allah is the best return. (Al-Qur`an: Al-Imron ayat 14)

Your love for something makes you blind and deaf.” (HR. Abu Dawud and Ahmad)

Love was already there within us, including the opposite sex. But if not careful could love a Deaf and blind us. The highest love is love for God’s character is one who does not impose its will. But there is also a test of love for us that love is more inclined to disobedience. Love is the more tumultuous passions, the less sense of shame. And, this is the most dangerous of uncontrollable love.

Islam does not prohibit or restrain people from a sense of love, but love remains directed at the guard rail honor the dignity of both women and men. If we fall in love have to be careful because like drinking more water to drink even more thirsty. True love is love after marriage, the rest is just slander.

The way to control my feel of love is control a view, not go both any time , do not go near adultery in any form and do not touch each other. For parents who allow their children to date, should get ready to bear the risk. Let us turn our love to God by extending Sholawat, dhikr, seek forgiveness, and pray that we are not deluded by desire, of passion that would beguile us. Looks like love but lust alone, that is Love Itself.