10 Things that should be done, so that our sins forgiven by God

“Except those who repent, and mend (their deeds) and clarify. Those I shall accept them. I am the Receiver of repentance, the Most Merciful.”

(QS Al-Baqarah [2]:160)

As humans we are not free from sin that we do all this. we are often willing to repent, but we keep doing that sin again. things like that often we have experienced, because of our lack of intention to repent.

Therefore, whether we will continue to allow sin that we do every time?
The Islamic scholar said that there are 10 things that should be done so that our sins are forgiven by God. Namely:

  1. Reading istighfar (seek forgiveness)
  2. Regretted his actions that have been done
  3. Abandoning all forms of sin that has been done
  4. Promised not to repeat the sin forever
  5. Loving and prioritize, life in the hereafter
  6. No love of the world
  7. Little talk
  8. Eat little
  9. Diligent in studying science and to worship
  10. Little sleep

Not easy for laypeople like us to do anything like that mentioned above. But, all of these things can be done easily if we have a strong desire to repent sincerely. To do so, requires capital that we must have, namely a strong determination and resist the temptation of Satan.

May God always gives us instructions, to return to the right paths blessed by God. amien ….