Between Love and Hate

Whether the moving power of life?. Love and hatred. Both the colors that the human life history of white or black. “For love, Adam and Hawa together. “For love, the Taj Mahal in India there. And more evidence in the real world how great love is.

Starting from love, life story played. But unfortunately, since the beginning of this story of human history, love has been tainted by hatred. Hatred is why Cain killed Abel, a most tragic tragedy for the first time in human history. The murder of man by man. Yes, love and hatred is precisely what we are witnessing now enliven the drama of life. The world is filled with such love story fascinating, the story is very sad hatred.

Love makes the world a look ‘alive’, peaceful, cool, beautiful, full of charm. Instead of hate make the world seem like a dead longitudinal rigid, like a graveyard. The aroma is like carcasses sting. The flowers wither. Every eye looked full of emptiness, sadness and heartache.

Love offers a drip drip of water was soothing. Every drop of water turn a barren soul. Each drippings is heaven. The hatred spread the scent of blood, tears dribble. Every drop of it makes people become arid. Each drop is a fire, burning life. Incredible heat. Love good move. Raises hatred of evil. Good history is the history of love. History is the history of hate crimes. Cast So in love all over the world. Walk with love. Flush is any empty soul with love, will he be alive and full of charm.

In 1932 Albert Einstein wrote to Sigmund Freud to ask his opinion. Between the content of the letter reads, What can man do to avoid the curse of war?

The question arises, perhaps because the world at that time mash haunted by the First World War which shocked people throughout Europe, precisely due to the damage and suffering to be borne by them. As one who has expertise in psychology, Freud explained in a letter written as a famous essay specifically Rev War (Why War).

He described the existence of two or more simple instinct called human nature namely primary and gut instinct Love Hate.

Instinct of love is good. Because humans have this instinct would have a positive attitude by bringing to the attitude of caring and giving each other affection. This presupposes the existence of a concern for other people’s lives, safety, welfare and happiness of others.

But once this instinct and instinct also brings an attitude of hatred that love and his love for others coupled with the intention of having the loved. With the intention to have it, it happens domination, dictatorship and occupation of the lover to the beloved.

And if the feeling was not free from this beloved rebel, then the conflict occurs. And this conflict is always ended with the rebellion and the power to complain to each other. Who’s the loser will be the servant and who is going to be an employer or in other words become a ruler.

Thus the problem of human suffering begins. Basically, things like such circumstances can be seen in the practical life of our everyday. For example both the mother and father often said he loved his children, often turned into a dictator to his children. They want to establish the children to follow his own wishes.

His son should become a doctor so that his future was not in vain and have a good future even if the child will choose majors woo in literature or maybe the other areas that are far different from the medical field. This is one of many conflicts that occur in our society. When these things happen, not most parents will use the power of veto ‘to the child they had in order to follow his will. In this case, happiness who is to be achieved? Mothers and fathers joy or happiness a child?

In the news daily or weekly tabloit as cheerfully as we read about the news there was a man who has a wife who loves a girl is still virgin. Then love the man had returned. But when his wife told the man had learned that her husband loves another woman beautiful young any more It is still virgin, burning with a sense of aversion and thus kill the beautiful woman who loved him.

Instinct of love has turned into a gut damage and hate, because he has a wife who had wanted to have the girl for his own pleasure. It may be also the wife before her husband was so loved going to share the same killing her husband because of his love had been exchanged into sudden hate.

There is also a school desperate to become the best schools in the country so even the ambition to become one of the 10 schools the best fruit in the country with a high level of discipline that are beyond a very commendable. So for the sake of his ambition that the school leader with the president or professor, including teachers, teachers become the dictator of his students. Run strict discipline and her compulsion to learn the elements out of the ordinary. The days of students, at school or at home, should be filled with learning and learning. The disciples were victimized over ambition and ideals of the school.

From the above we easily conclude how instinct can love turn into hate if instinct with the intention mastered.

Moral teachings of the biggest in the history of mankind is always emphasized the love, the love between human beings. Love others as your brother, although he different cultures, different social classes, different nations, different nations, different religions, ages, birth to different living standards.

Love together, reconciling, happy and fun. Hatred also gave birth to conflict, violence and destruction of mankind.

As Freud said, the instinct of love turned into hate when accompanied by a desire to have, namely the beloved object made it a party of his own happiness. This idea was developed by Erich Fromm in his famous book To Have and To Be (Having And Being).

Way of life is actually like to have a sense of love that ended with the suffering, destruction, destruction so that the death of a loved one. The way this is the essence of life into a real human love.

We love someone not for the sake merely, but for which we love to grow and achieve their own happiness. By helping others, we become a helper. By giving to others, we will grow up to be a giver. By doing good for others, who we will grow up to be a good person.

Lust wants to have it all centered on self-interest. By having us be controlled and free to use our property for our own happiness.

In a loving way and this way of life, then there must be a victim manjadi ownership. Children become victims of ownership mother and father, the girl becomes the victim of sexual lust married man, the students became victims of hunting national ranking. From that case, who is really happy? We love our children just because they are aware that human character and the other aspires to, and not just with us as a mother and father. Our obligation to love them is to help realize what the want and what you can to help them happy by us to those we love.

Loving, helping, doing good to others may be turned into action ended with the dictator and romance casualties, if the conditions and needs that we love is not calculated. Love others, do good for others, it was not as easy as we thought. Loving and doing good is not just intentions and actions, but also with the introduction, knowledge, sacrifice, the strategy of our beloved and most of all is the willingness to love without having to have a sense of something that we love it. If not, then love may be a disaster for which we love it.

If you fall in love, you want to know in detail the lives of your loved ones. For example when I first met on the train or in the bass in a long journey. How his life, his family, star horoscope, health, ideals and others in the meaning of those words the most important thing in his life. And you use the tactics through information to strategize how to further conquer his heart.

Einstein’s letters to Freud concerning matters relating to war and suffering and create the possibility of the disappearance of some species of parables called the human consequences of the war this earth. Conflict of interest, ownership, destruction is the human instinct of hatred. Like love, man also must recognize, understand and feel the result of hatred toward others.

Dannion Brinkley who told us to die so that two times in his show, Saved By The Light, told how he was feeling low and despicable crimes by beating other people during his lifetime. He not only be remembered in detail his actions, but also the atmosphere and feelings of the victim while he molesting her. By recognizing and feel the effect his crime, soul Brinkley assess her own actions are not good. Recognizing a good pain, happiness, desires, strengths and weaknesses that we love or we hate, would be able to teach and to give awareness to us that we love one another better and true.
Loving other human beings is not as easy as you think. It’s easier to write and are described and analyzed than the run or in practice. For love is real action, but also not real. Because it involves the feeling that comes with good intentions. And the intention was also to be equipped with the sincerity of the desire to own and control. And feelings and act only in the person of the lover and who in love. So the knowledge and love introducing three elements that must be understood before you get involved with what is called LOVE.

Syaiful Bakri