Philosophy of Love

Philosophy of Love

Philosophy of Love – Love rests on common sense and healthy. It is the first concept spread by Bowman (reviewers love one) because people fell in love with a mere feeling. It is true that we fell in love with your heart, but to avoid confusion in the future, we are required to also to use a healthy mind.

Very lying if between us all must fall in love with not just no escape. What actually happens is, the process of falling in love is influenced by traditions, customs, standards, ideas and ideals of the group where we came from. Lie very well if we feel we can do anything at the time of fallingin love, and no responsibility may be asked if the acts that result in poor implusif a while later.

Loss of perspective is not a sign we’ve fallen in love, but the signal stupidity. Love requires a long process! Bowman also rejected the notion of love may come from the first sight. Love is growing and growing and is a complex emotion, he said. To grow and develop, love takes time. So it was not possible to love someone we do not know its origin with that alone.

Love is never a sudden attack, did not fall from the sky. Love comes only when two individuals have succeeded in doing orientation repeatedly to life and decided to choose someone else as a new focal point. That may occur in the phenomenon, love at first sight is the couple who had attacked each other’s feelings very strong interest, even crazy. Then the feeling grew into love.

In everyday life, love at first sight, in fact many people did not really love partner, but fell in love with the concept of love itself. In contrast with people who truly loved. They loved the couple as a solid personal.

Love does not dominate and did not budge, but sharing a sense and feeling. Not love him if we have the will escort the couple. Nor was it love when we are willing to succumb to the satisfaction girlfriend without thinking about their own personal fulfillment as well. People who love each other do not consider her lover as a boss or subordinate. But as a couple to each other and feeling a sense berbahagi, also to identify themselves.

If we have a sense of control desire a lover (makes restrictions on her social, forbade him to do positive activities, regulate taste the way she dressed) or compliant (does not show directly the attitude of protest when the lovers behave badly, do not mind if it has been compared with others), then we not willing to give and receive love.

Love is constructive. Individuals who love to do what best for his own interests as well as for the (pride) partner. He dared to have faith and ideals, dreams and designing constructive future. But instead of falling in love with the implusif.

Not only to think and act constructively, he would lose ambition, appetite, and interest in the problem every day. Who thinks only his personal misery. His dream was not possible to be achieved. Even the dream can become substitute reality.

Love does not eliminate all problems. For adherents of romatisme, they believe that love can overcome the problem. As if love is a cure for all ills. Poverty and many believed the problem could be overcome by virtue only of love alone. In fact love is a miracle. Only love can make lovers dare to face the problem. Any problems may be weighing on the mind seriously to the problem can be overcome or find a way out of the problem.

People who are intoxicated do not mean really love, instead tends to blind the eyes when you’re facing a problem. In fact, with a sudden act with common sense to set aside the problem. Love will tend to retreat to the rear. Yes, love is moving backward. So with that we should be suspicious if the graph of our feelings on the lovers up and down so inconsistent.

At the time apart, we feel more powerful lover proportional to the joint, it is a sign we idealize it, not look at it realistically. Then when the lovers back together, we see a lover with a more critical and loses all that was a great idea. On the other hand be careful when we feel a great lover of our time together with him and not feel the same way at the time apart. This indicates that we are just fascinated by physical attractiveness. Love will think well if at the time of near and far from the couple, we love it in equal portions.

Love is not only a teacher anymore on physical attractiveness. In love relationships, physical attractiveness is also important. But if we liked the danger was limited to physical love and hate it when the physical changes or hate about the factors other than physical.

When in love, we enjoy and give meaning for every physical. Physically it feels good only if we like each other and the couple each personality. So not love him, but desires only if we consider only gives the sensation of physical fun without any meaning. In love, the effect will be seen later when the relationship deepened. While lust demanding physical satisfaction as a beginning.

Love is not blind. But to accept that love is blind? Not at all. People who love to see and realize the downside of her boyfriend. Because the amount of love she tried to accept it under any circumstances. Of course there is a desire for the bad side will turn into good. That’s because the amount of love he was trying to fix the bad side. But that desire must be based on the concern and good intentions. There must be no criticism of the rough, flatly refused, furious and angry or disgusted. Lust is actually blind. Although the couple is very bad, people who have a relationship with a passionate desire to accept without a fix. Also will leave the partner at the time of his desire has been satisfied, just because the partner has a little bad that it is possible to be repaired.

Love watching the continuation of the relationship. People who truly love watching the development of relationships with lovers. He avoided anything that might damage the relation with her lover. At times he did something to strengthen, maintain and promote the relation. People who are crazy about maybe trying hard fun lover. But the effort was simply done in order to accept her lover, so that you are looking for satisfaction was achieved.
People who love fun partner to strengthen the relationship. Love dare to do things that hurt. In addition to trying to please her lover, someone who truly loves also have the attention, concern, understanding and courage to do things that do not like her boyfriend for good. Like a mother who says, not when his son asked for ice cream. When in fact he had a cold. That we are all supposed to be in pairs, Philosophy of Love.

Syaiful Bakri/edited by andi fajar