Facts and the nature of the blood group B


Individuals with type B blood have B antigens on the surface of red blood cells and produce antibodies against antigen A in blood serum. Thus, people with blood type B-negative can only receive blood from people with blood type B-negative or O-negative.

Here are some properties of the blood group B:

1. People who tend to be blood group B was curious and interested in everything.
2. They also tend to have too much passion and hobby. If you’re happy with something they are usually the passionate but also get bored quickly.
3. But usually they can choose which is more important than the many things on to.
4. They tend to want to be number one in many ways rather than just be average. And they usually tend to neglect things if focused with the flurry of others. In other words, they could not do anything in unison.
5. Their image of being bright, cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic. But actually it’s all completely different on the inside.
6. They could call a person who does not want to mingle with people.

Her mind is bright, jovial nature and high humor. chatty, even if you have found someone who deems fit, comfortable to talk to for hours. People who have blood group B including a sociable person. Friends were everywhere. His attitude was always optimistic and if it has been decided, it was hard to change. Tough stance that makes frequent success. What’s on aspire always achieved. The weakness of the people who have blood type B is less cautious. Showboat and likes to be praised. His speech is sometimes like not wearing control. Not seldom used to make his interlocutor offended.


source: google.com