Benefits of Chocolate for Health

Benefits of Chocolate for Health

What is the health benefits of chocolate?
Benefits of Chocolate for Health – Tenderness and sweetness in Chocolate able to make anyone like him. Besides the sweet, chocolate is also rich in health benefits, especially for the human body. Want to know what are the health benefits of chocolate? Consider carefully the following explanations!
1. Helps vision.
In addition to carrots, it turns out chocolate can also help improve eyesight better. Anti-oxidants contained in dark chocolate (dark chocolate) can help to bettereyesight, especially in distinguishing colors and detect a moving image.
That’s what health benefits could be obtained if eating chocolate. So, do not feel disappointed if on Valentine’s Day this year you only get a tan. Because of the health benefits of chocolate are good for you.

2. Keeping the heart healthy.
Women who eat 30-60 grams of chocolate a week, a lower risk of heart failure by 32 percent. This was revealed in a study from Harvard in 2010, Joyce Hendleyreported to EatingWell Magazine. That means the chocolate is also good for heart health.

3. Helps digestion.
Based on research, it turns out chocolate and natural cocoa contains flavanols. During the process the cocoa beans, and reduced the number of calories during digestion in the stomach of chocolate will absorb fat and carbohydrates than other foods. Therefore chocolate is suitable for your diet.

4. Easy Smile.
Many people believe that chocolate can boost your mood. It therefore chocolate could make mood could be more fun so that people who eat it will be easy smile. Proven based on a survey conducted in Britain, 60 percent of women who love toeat chocolate smile more often, than others. Do not believe? Please try it yourself.

Thus some of the benefits we can get from a chocolate that often we enjoy. Insights that hopefully can be useful for you Benefits of Chocolate for Health.