Facts and nature of the blood group O


Individuals with blood type O have red blood cells without antigen, but produce antibodies against antigens A and B. Thus, people with blood type O-negative can donate blood to the person with any ABO blood group and called the universal donor. However, people with blood type O-negative can only receive blood from another O-negative.
In general, blood type O is most common in the world.

1. People that blood group O, they are usually involved in creating excitement for a group. And was instrumental in creating a harmony among the members of the group.
2. Figure they were seen as the person receiving and fulfilling things in stride. They were smart to cover up something so that they seem to always be cheerful, peaceful and has no problems whatsoever. But if you can not stand, they will surely find a place or person to confide in (the snitch).
3. They are usually generous (good heart), good to do good. They were generous and did not hesitate to spend money on other people.
4. They are usually loved by everybody, “loved by all”. But they’re also stubborn, and secretly have their own opinions about various things.
5. On the other hand, they are very flexible and very easy to accept new things.
6. They tend to be easily influenced by others and by what they see from TV.
7. They look level-headed and trustworthy, but they often slip and make big blunders inadvertently. But that which causes the O blood group people who are in love.

The character of blood group ‘O’

People with blood type O are those who do not much give a damn, energetic and has a high social life. They are the most flexible of all blood groups are there. They will quickly start a project but have problems when to continue and not infrequently also many who easily give up in the middle of the road. They sometimes act and can not be relied upon. They always say what’s on their mind directly. They are always honest. They respect the opinions of others and like to be the center of attention. In addition, people are blood group O has a sense of confidence that really strong. In Japan, this blood type is the average blood groups of people there.