Facts about AB blood type

Facts about the AB blood type

Individuals with type AB blood have red blood cells with antigen A and B and do not produce antibodies against antigens A and B. Thus, people with type AB-positive blood can receive blood from people with any ABO blood group and called the universal recipient. However, people with blood type AB-positive individuals can not donate blood, except at a fellow AB-positive.

Percentage of air – Blood Type AB is only 4% of the total world population. And represents the smallest percentage compared with other blood types.
AB blood is the blood of the modern era that have a tendency towards a modern disease. Therefore, the air – Blood Type AB is always recommended doing relaxation techniques and meditation in order to reduce stress and to counteract unhealthy immunization system.

Blood type is key to the overall immune system. This is an important explanatory factor in our bodies. Antigen contained in the works to produce antibodies in the blood that is useful to fight the virus that causes disease.
When antibodies recognize antigens from microbial invaders, terjadilan series of reactions known as agglutination or clumping. There are many factors involved in the clotting process, one of which is food.
There are several types of foods that potentially agglutinate cells of certain blood types, so that certain foods can be very harmful to one or more blood group, but also can be useful for other blood groups.
AB blood type is itself a rare blood type, but overall blood type AB is more stable than other blood types because it has most of the profits and intolerance of blood groups A and B.
AB blood group has also considered the body’s immune system is best compared golongand another direction, but also prone to certain diseases.
People with type AB blood groups often face diseases such as abdominal bloating, problems with blood vessels, cancer, joint and bone.
People with AB blood type is very easy to adapt to the food.

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