Evaluate Your Life Stages Until Marriage

You may still be young and great but now you are going to get married. Removing single and get the perfect companion to spend the rest of your life is one of the most important step in your life. Many aspects will change starting today, especially with your plans. Now is not about “I”, but everything is about “we”.

Everything about “us”

One aspect is more urgent for the married couples is making a shared account. In the past, the tendency is to merge or open an account with to allow wives at home access funds jointly for household needs.

Now, both husband and wife are working and receive salaries of each so that most choose not to have a shared account. This is because the two are not mutually dependent financially. But with the circumstances that are all about “us”, the couples must agree on how to manage their finances in the future. Both husband and wife must also be honest with each other about their financial situation and whether any loans or debts which had not informed.

There are two ways in which a pair of husband and wife can share finances. One way is to open an account with and agree the amount deposited each month. This account is used for all expenses and household needs for the benefit of both parties.

The other option is to pay lay away one of the pair and use other couples to pay all expenses. Any way, make sure that the chosen way is agreed by both parties.

Change your status

Mengevaluasi hidup Anda sampai menikah. (Foto: Corbis)

Change your status is not only limited to your Facebook account. You should also notify the employer in a place you work, renewing the names that should be contacted at the time of emergency and we recommend that you check whether or not you will receive health coverage or benefits for your spouse.

Reviewing your insurance

With the marrying status, you may need to consider changing the beneficiary or to add Your pair to the list of the beneficiary of your insurance policy. This is also a good time to make financial planning for the unexpected things.

This will help to ensure that your partner will be groomed well financially in case things unwanted. This will also help in giving peace to your spouse because knowing that you have thought of it in all its aspects.

Thinking ahead

As married couples with a glorious future, forward-thinking about the important things that might happen will help prepare you both when it actually happened. One of his main focus is children.

Now is a good time to start setting aside money for the purposes of children in the future. Even if you both do not want to immediately have a child, there are other financial objective that you should consider saving up, such as buying a home.

If you don’t already own a home, saving for a home will save You from stress if one time you finally serious about looking for a home. Savings can also provide significant differences that allow You to have a bigger House than budgeted because you have more capabilities to it.

Or savings for the House you can use to buy the furniture had long desired. However, having savings, rather than buy a house without such savings, will make a big difference to the purchase of a home You one moment later.

Therefore, make a financial plan in the future will be very helpful. If you both have had the House and did not consider to have children but would like to travel around the world or have other living targets, perhaps you could consider to make the family business.

Today many banks that offer credit facilities Without Collateral so that You can do family financial planning with better.

Then, think ahead about retirement and what you want to enjoy both in Golden years together. Does it go sailing on the high seas to see exotic countries or maybe you want to have a villa in the other countries that You occasionally visit on your retirement? Whatever Your dream retirement, never too far away to be planned.

Enjoy a “we”

While there are many married couples tend to fall into the traps social is to “be equal with others”, remember that plan and expenditure should stay together and most importantly according to ability you both. Use your credit card until the outside limits just to have a large flat-screen TV or pick up the most exotic vacation is not a good way to start your wedding.

Your life is finally being cast down under the burden of debt that need not happen. Remember to keep each other in order to keep each other honest earthiness, and keep your expenses.