Abu Bakar Ash-Shiddiq

Abu Bakar Ash-Shiddiq

Abu Bakr was born in 573 AD from a respectable family in Mecca two years and one month after the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Its original name Abdullah Ibn Abu Kuhafah, then he got a degree Ash Siddiq after converting to Islam. Since childhood, he was a famous personage honest, sincere, affectionate, and likes to do charity, so that the people of Mecca little respect for him. He always do our best to help the poor.

Abu Bakr was the friend who trusted and admired by the Prophet Muhammad. He is the youth who first received the call Apostle without much consideration. All his life were devoted to the sacred struggle to defend the apostle preaches. Rasul SAW very fond of her so often to replace the Apostle to the priest prays, he was appointed. When the Apostles fled to Medina, Abu Bakr came with it. Fuel ash proximity with the Prophet of Islam is like the Apostles in the struggle with his shadow.

Until the end of his life, Prophet Muhammad did not appoint anyone as Caliph, so when he passed away in the confusion the Muslim community. And lies the class of immigrants and the Ansar attempted to choose the successor and his successor as he raises each character – although in the end the two leaders from each group who proposed it refused, saying “No, we do not have the advantage of you in this matter.” In an increasingly critical situation, Umar from the class of immigrants raise their hands while delivering fuel ash oath of allegiance to him and membaiatnya as caliph. Umar’s attitude was also attended by Abu Ubadiyah of Ansar and his characters are present. They expressed willingness allegiance of Abu Bakr as caliph.

In his inauguration speech of Abu Bakr said: “I, not the best among you all. Therefore, I highly appreciate and welcome any suggestions and help you all. Convey the truth to someone who was elected as a ruler is real loyalty;’re hiding the truth is a hypocrisy. People who are strong and the weak is the same position and I will treat you all fairly. If I act with the laws of God and His Prophet, obey me, but if I ignore the provisions of Allah and His Messenger, is not worthy of you obey my. “

The speech contains the principles of democratic forces, and not the power which is autocratic. A khalifah obliged to govern in accordance with Islamic teachings and to account for all the wisdom to its people.

Since he was appointed as Caliph, Abu Bakr faces various problems. The first program launched by Abu Bakr after he became caliph, is mute rebellion, fighting against those who disobey not want to pay zakat. Apostasy was also happening everywhere and cause chaos. After the death of the Prophet Muhammad, there are many Muslims who embrace his religion back to the original. They feel entitled to do as the liver. Even more tragic, appears the people who claim the apostle, among others Musallamah Al Kadzdzab, Tulaiha Al Asadi, and al-Aswad al-Ansi.

To align the creed of these apostate, Abu Bakr sent eleven troops to war in eleven destinations, including Khalid bin Walid Forces assigned to subdue Tulaiha Al Asadi, Amer bin Ash troops stationed in Qudla’ah, Suwaid bin Muqrim assigned to Yemen and Khalid Said bin assigned to Sham.

Courses Abu Bakr then perform data collection and writing the verses of the Qur’an. This program was the suggestion of Umar bin Khattab, while executing entrusted to Zaid bin Thabit.

During his reign, Abu Bakr also managed to widen the area of ​​Islamic propaganda, including that of Iraq when it included the royal colony of Persia and into Syria under the Roman colony.

Having ruled for two years, Abu Bakr passed away into Rahmatullah on 23 Jumada End 13 H, aged 63 years. He was buried near the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad. Obedience to Allah and His Messenger and the famous good mind.


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