Love = Waiting for a bus


Love is the same as those who are waiting for the bus
A bus comes, and you say,
“Well .. too crowded, cramped, not going to sit comfortably!
I just wait for the next bus. “

Then, the next bus arrived.
You see it and say,
“Oh ya bus is less fun, not good anymore .. don’t want to ..”

The next bus came, cool, and you are interested,
but as if he did not see you and slip by.

The fourth bus stop in front of you.
The bus is empty, pretty good, but you say,
“No AC ya, I can hot”.
So you let the bus go fourth.

Time passed,
you begin to realize that you can go to the office late.
When the bus came fifth,
you can not wait,
you jump into it.
After a while, you finally realize that you’re one up the bus.
The bus is not the department you want to go!
And you just realize you’ve wasted your time for so long.

Moral of this story:
are often someone waiting for someone who really ‘ideal’
to become his life partner.
And no one is 100% fulfilled our ideal.
And you were not one will ever be 100% fit
he desires. Nothing wrong with a ‘requirement’ to ‘candidate’,
but there’s no harm in also provides the opportunity for a stop in front of us.

Of course with the same direction as we go.
If it did not fit, so be it.
but you can still shout ‘stop’! and out politely.
So give a chance to stop in front of you,
it all depends on your decision.
Instead we have to walk alone to the office,
in the sense of this life without the presence of a loved one.

This story also means,
if by chance you find an empty bus,
you like and can you trust,
and of course one direction with purpose,
you can try to best you can to stop the bus at
so that he can give you the opportunity to enter into it.
Because the finding that such a
is a very precious gift and very significant.
For you alone, and for him.
Then the bus like what are you waiting for? ūüôā