The aid to the Gaza Strip will be departing from Greece

ATHENS -hundreds of activists were planning to send humanitarian aid to Gaza in Palestine. They did not heed the warning of Israel’s military.

Around 350 pro-Palestinian activists from 22 countries will join the fleet of Freedom (Freedom Flotilla) which will be departing from Greece. So as reported by AFP, Monday (27/6/2011).

Previously, the nine activists were killed when the Israel troops Turkey attacked ships Mrdiget Marmara in May 2010.

The Israel Army’s attack reaped criticism from many countries.

Israel threatened to halt the ship just about anything that tries to break through the blockade. Israel declared that tunneling, the action is part of the provocations and Israel has the right to survive.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and other central State warned activists not to perform their actions. Approximately 1.5 million residents of Gaza now live in food shortages since Israel blockaded the town in 2007. As a big prison, Israel was limiting assistance kemanuisaan into the Hamas-controlled territory.

The woes of residents of the Gaza Strip after Israel attacks increasingly being in 2008. Tunnels on the border Rafah, Egypt, Israel bombarded. Whereas tunnel that is the veins of the Gaza Strip to get groceries. Attack on Israel that have killed more than 1,000 people.