Meaning of A Handshake


There is deep meaning behind the handshake. Through style welcome helping hand, you can assess one’s personal. Does she have high self-esteem, assertive, insecure, or not assertive. It is interesting to know the personality behind the habit of shaking hands. Whether it’s father, clients, friends, or men coveted. Here are three related handshake style depictions of one’s personality, as quoted from page AskMen.

1. Weak Handshake
This indicates a person has a weak private. Grip strength of one’s mind or character set circuit. A number of staff of human resource department (HRD) use this tactic during a job interview, to assess whether someone is fit with the proposed work or not.
2. Squeezed Bone
Those who have a habit of shaking hands with a grip so hard or too long, indicating there is a negative thing in itself. It signifies his excessive. Grip of this kind indicates the compensation for the negative aura in him.
3. Not tight and not weak
A good handshake is not too tight or feels weak. This handshake indicates a person has the confidence that is not excessive and smart to put myself in all situations. In a previous study conducted a number of scientists from University College London claims that the handshake grip strength can also be used to detect a person’s life expectancy. Those with weak grip strength is considered to have a shorter life expectancy than those who used to shake hands with a strong grip.