History of Halloween Celebration

Although Haloween may not be popular in our country, but almost everyone knows that Halloween is a day where everyone (in America of course) dress up scary and decorate the house with various things spooky.

One thing that always met on this date is the Jack O’Lantern, a kind of decoration which was formed from the pumpkin, filled with candles or lights. Pumpkin was usually carved with a scary shape, so that when night fell, Jack O’Lantern is lit with the spooky.

Besides Jack O’Lantern earlier, a variety of spooky decorations, such as bats, skulls or bones, cobwebs, and sometimes ornaments shaped like a broomstick magic equipment and pots where the witch makes a variety of drugs or poisons magic will appear in the where- where.

Not even a little ornament featuring a vampire or vampire-style coffins appear on a variety of home. Actually, what the heck happened to have all-round celebration of this spooky?

As wrote the history behind this unique celebration?
Many theories are developed on this Halloween, but the most widely accepted theory is that the Halloween celebrations comes from the ancient Gallic nation, called Samhain, which roughly means “End of Summer”.

This celebration is believed to be the end of the “bright future” (spring and summer) and the beginning of “dark period” (autumn and winter).

Ancient Gallic nation believe that on 31 October, or in the days before Samhain, the boundary between the real world and the unseen world will be very thin, so the residents can cross into the magical world of our universe.

In celebration of Samhain, usually on the population of ancient Gauls will hold a big celebration for their ancestors who are long dead and “inviting” them to sit down to eat together, while the spirits or evil supernatural beings who will be evicted from their homes.

To further complicate the evil spirits or supernatural beings spreading negative influences in their midst, then the population will use a mask with the face of bad or evil supernatural beings dressed as before, so that the evil supernatural beings was considered that they should not be harassed and let go with a festive celebration .

From the traditions and beliefs is a tradition to wear costumes to develop until now, even though Halloween in the modern world now, there is no longer the costumes scary costumes, but a variety of unique costumes ranging from animals to superhero or even a cartoon character.

If so, why the name changed to Halloween?
Apparently the name Halloween comes from the efforts of the Church at that time was to stop people celebrating the day of the celebration of Samhain is considered to be contrary to the Christian celebration.

The Church adopted the celebration of Samhain became Day Saints (All Hallows Evening), with the hope of the Gallic population at that time will leave the celebrations that are considered not ecclesiastical.

From the name of All Hallows Evening, the people abbreviate it became Hallow’s Even, and the longer the name short so that there are more and more into Halloween.

Interestingly, although the names and a celebration of the ecclesiastical celebrations, the Church still can not change existing forms and traditions in this celebration.

So what is the real Jack O’Lantern?
Jack O’Lantern is a legend of Ireland. This legend tells of a wily and tough farmer who managed to deceive plus stingy devil.

He managed to make the devil up the tree and then carved the shape of the Cross in the trunk before, so that Satan can not go down easily.

At the time of his death, he was not welcome in Heaven, because the cunning and bad acts which he did during life, but Satan also refused him to enter Hell because of anger never deceived by Jack.

But eventually the devil kind enough (or more evil) to provide a candle to accompany him to walk in darkness, because it can not be accepted in Heaven or Hell. Candles were placed in the Turnip (compatriots radish).

In immigrants from Ireland came to America while continuing to maintain this tradition, unfortunately, not commonly found in America Turnip, so they eventually choose other vegetables there, and can replace the Turnip.

Options eventually fall into the pumpkin (pumpkin) are more numerous and easily found in America. From here lah, Jack O’Lantern from pumpkin and then became famous throughout the world.

Ever heard of Trick or Treat?
One of the unique tradition in America to welcome Halloween is Trick or Treat. Children will walk from house to house with a unique costume while carrying a basket, and knocked on the door yelling “Trick or treaaaat”.

Actually this is a threat, because its original meaning is, if you do not give “treats” aka food, we will do the “trick” or the naughtiness of the house earlier. Homeowners will be out and reward a variety of sweet foods such as chocolate or candy in their baskets. Actually like what was originally a tradition?

This tradition is believed to appear in Europe in the 9th century, as modern forms of “Soul Day” which was originally celebrated on November 2.

On the day of “Soul Day” earlier, the beggars would walk from village to village to ask for “Soul Cake” created from a rectangular piece of bread with the contents of Currant (a type of sweet wine). “Soul Cake” is a payment was received by the beggar had to pray for the dead spirits of the family.